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Just as a Fin propels and stabilizes the mighty humpback, the mission of LiteFin is to help FinTech’s focus on their core expertise by providing lite, cost effective data acquisition solutions

Cost Effective Data Acquisition Solutions


Leverage Emerging Technologies



Customer Centric Solution



Continuous Innovations



Seamless acquisition of data

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Agree on data requirement



Source data from multiple sources



Use data for customer needs



Product Capabilities



    1. Screen Scraping
    2. Data Sourcing APIs
    3. Direct Database Connectivity





    1. Account Types–Saving, Checking, Deposits, Loans, Credit Cards
    2. Entities – Account Summary, Transaction, Statements and Tax Data
    3. File types – HTML, PDF, Word





    1. 80% of Indian Banks
    2. Expand to other geographies





    1. Categorize Data
    2. Share data through APIs to End Consumers



Product Features








Create a hook that grabs the attention


    1. Comprehensive data – Retrieve regularly two years of exchange information, including geolocation data and classification data.

    2. On-demand data refreshes – Deliver a consistent in-application experience by empowering clients to revive their exchanges data on-demand.

    3. Make a Transactions request – ○ The request includes beginning and end dates, where the data will be shown from transactional data.

    4. Transactions data.

    5. The transaction data will separate record for each transaction.

    6. Discover where your money goes by review every transaction and different accounts in a solitary spot.

    7. Review transactions to ensure they’re legitimate.

    8. Automatically arranges transactions, so you don’t need to accomplish the work. Track everything identified with your spending – lease, food, driving, entertainment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    9. See month on month spending trends to identify opportunities and look at versus average.


Flow depends on the transactions

    1. Instantly authenticate accounts
    2. Collect the data from the bank of the account users using bank credentials when they are connected
    3. Connect accounts from any Indian Bank – Set up NEFT/IMPS transfers from any bank in India


On -the- go to funds available

Verify real-time account balances

    1. Visibility into available funds
    2. Check real-time account balances
    3. Create scheduled transactions, with flexible beginning and end dates
    4. Figure out your inflows and outflows across various timelines

Bill Payment Tracker

Trace the funds

    1. Finally, there is one coordinated spot for your spending.
    2. Track all the spending based on the convenient time frame
    3. Get bills tracked, so the payments happen in the scheduled time and instant alerts if the funds are low
    4. We keep a tab on your funds, so don’t have to. This will avoid all the late fees, charges etc
    5. Bill Tracker keeps all your bills at your fingertips at all intervals.
    6. Handle everything in our device. See it, click it, pay it. It’s that simple.
    7. Either way, payment is consistent. Simply snap or click, and you’re done.
    8. Check all the spending in detailed by class across the entirety of your accounts.
    9. Create a customized budget that accommodates your wealth.
    10. Pay and stay on steady over your bills and other recurring expenses with forthcoming bill alerts.
    11. Easily create cashflow reports for yourself or for your financial planner or advisor.


Discerning the users

Verify users’ identities and reduce fraud

    1. Verify client names, mobile numbers, locations, and messages for individual and joint accounts


Trace the funds

Build a holistic view of a user’s investments

Understand a user’s investments:

    1. Understanding into a client’s investment accounts, including account balances, holdings, and transactions that make an adjustment of a holding.
    2. Total cost of purchasing the holding — this is a summary of all purchases of the security, including fees.
    3. Details on transactions that make an adjustment of at least one possession in a portfolio such as buys, sells, splits, or dividends.
    4. With different endpoints, Investments can empower a wide scope of utilization cases – from total assets appraisal and financial planning, to execute reporting.

Expansive institution coverage:

    1. Retrieve investment data from a broad coverage network that includes banks, brokerages, and retirement plan providers.

Full Extent of account types:

    1. Connect to the full extent of investment account types — from brokerage and retirement accounts.
    2. Monitor all your investment accounts which accommodate the spot view.
    3. Track all your investments such as mutual funds, bonds, equity, options and ETF’S
    4. See all the brokerage fee to understand the market return
    5. Analyze the portfolio of all the investments make some targets to reach the goal
    6. Get IRR and ROI execution reports.
    7. Compare your portfolio with the market.


Allocate the capital

    1. We naturally recommend spending objectives for you and your dependent on spending. Then, at that point you can make and change budgeting as you go.
    2. We compute average spending by classification, so you can undoubtedly make a financial plan dependent on spending. Perceive the amount you’re spending on what, year-to-year or month-to-month.
    3. We’ll show you precisely what you are going through choices mean for the cash you have toward the month’s end or year. You’ll understand what you can do today to save all the more tomorrow.
    4. Simply associate your accounts to download and naturally order spending.
    5. Helps with the saving plans to reduce the spending.
    6. Scans your transactions to create a budget based on all your regularly recurring expenses.
    7. Customize these suggestions so they are custom-made to your way of life and needs.
    8. Choose to update transactions naturally or enter manually.
    9. See your total financial plan whenever on Mobile or on the Web.
    10. See where you stand anytime, anyplace.
    11. Download new expenses directly on mobile and web and sync everything across devices


Verify borrowers’ assets straight from the source

Eye view of a user’s finances:

    1. Retrieve a consolidated summary showing account balances, historical transactions, and account holder identity information.
    2. Allow you to retrieve a consolidated summary of account balances and transactions.
    3. Check the total assets carry forwarded from a different timeline in a single snapshot.


Access liabilities data for student loans and credit cards

Comprehensive data:

    1. Review details for each account type including balances, terms, payment timing, and more.

    2. Enables you to retrieve liability data from different types of accounts including student loans and credit cards.

    3. Credit cards: Access the credit cards includes all the information related.

Continuous feed:

    1. Access the latest liabilities data when you need it—check whether balances or installment terms have changed.

Our business employs individuals that are dedicated towards their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of the company. In the near future, this business aims to expand its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base at

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