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We help you ride the wave of economic growth while shielding you during meltdowns with our personalized and tailored finance solutions that cater to your needs.

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Product Capabilities


  • Analytics based on the Transactions 
  • Categorization of Income and Expenses
  • Forecasting based on the historical trends


  • Consolidation- Multiple bank accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, Fixed Deposits, Investments, Mutual Funds
  • Entities-Balance tracker, account statement, bill payment tracker, investments & budgeting


  • At least 80% coverage of major Banks per region (APAC, NAM)
  • At least 80% coverage of account types
  • At least 80% coverage of entities


  • Analytics based on the Transactions
  • Categorization of Income and Expenses
  • Forecasting based on the historical trends
  • Personalized recommendations based on the Income and Spending patterns
  • Budgeting
  • Bill Payment Trackers

Product Features








Create a hook that grabs the attention

    1. The /transactions/get endpoint provides standardized transactions for credit and deposit accounts from thousands of financial institutions.
    2. Discover where your money goes by viewing all your transactions and accounts in a single place.
    3. Search transaction history by amount, payee or type of expense.
    4. Review transactions to ensure they’re legitimate.
    5. Automatically categorizes transactions.
    6. Customize categories of spending, and Machine Learning will remember for the subsequent transactions.
    7. Track everything related to your spending – rent, food, commuting, entertainment, and more.
    8. Web-scraping derived transactions to reconcile with SMS based on the time-stamp & amounts, and come up with the updated description.


Flow depends on the transactions

    1. Retrieve account numbers when users connect their savings or current accounts using bank credentials.
    2. Connect accounts from any Indian Bank.
    3. Batch based information aggregation refresh of the accounts, depending on the frequency of login to the app.


On -the- go to funds available

Verify real-time account balances

    1. Visibility into available funds.
    2. Verify real-time account balances.
    3. Know how much you’ll have left to spend after you pay your bills.
    4. Project & forecast your inflows and outflows across different time horizons.

Bill Payment Tracker

Trace the funds

    1. Organization: A bill payment tracker to keep all your bills in one place.
    2. Avoid late fees: Ensures that you pay your bills on time and avoid late fees.
    3. Budgeting: Helps you budget your finances by showing you how much money you need to set aside for bills each month.
    4. Financial planning: By tracking your bills, you can see where your money is going each month and identify areas where you can cut back on expenses.
    5. Generate spending or cash flow reports.


Discerning the users

Verify users’ identities and reduce fraud

    1. Verify client names, mobile numbers, locations, and messages for individual and joint accounts


Gain a comprehensive understanding of a user’s investments:

    1. Access detailed information on investment accounts, including balances, holdings, and transactions that affect holdings.
    2. Provide a detailed breakdown of an account’s holdings.
    3. Retrieve information on transactions that result in changes to one or more holdings in a portfolio, such as purchases, sales, splits, or dividends.
    4. Retrieve information on cash transactions entering and exiting an investment account.
    5. Multiple endpoints enable a variety of use cases, including net worth assessment, financial planning, performance reporting, and risk optimization.

Wide institutional coverage:

    1. Retrieve investment data from a broad range of institutions, including banks, brokerages, and retirement plan providers.

Access to a full range of account types:

    1. Connect to all types of investment accounts, including brokerage and retirement accounts.
    2. Monitor all investment accounts with a single view.
    3. Track both liquid and retirement holdings, including brokerage, pension, options, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds.


Allocate the capital

    1. Provide automated budget goal suggestions for customers based on their spending habits. Customers can create and adjust their budget goals as needed.
    2. Calculate average spending by category to help customers create a budget based on their spending patterns. Customers can track their spending month-to-month or year-to-year to better understand their financial situation.
    3. Plan and see how much they can save by reducing spending in a particular category. Customers can plan for recurring monthly expenses as well as one-time expenses.
    4. Show customers how their spending decisions impact on their finances at the end of each month or year. This helps customers make informed decisions that lead to long-term savings.
    5. Easily connect accounts to download and categorize spending automatically.
    6. Identify opportunities to save by uncovering regular expenses that may not be top of mind. This creates more accurate and achievable financial goals.
    7. Create a budget based on regularly recurring expenses by scanning transactions.
    8. Customize recommendations to align with the customer’s lifestyle and priorities.
    9. Choose to update transactions automatically or manually enter them.


Verify borrowers’ assets straight from the source

Eye view of a user’s finances:

    1. Retrieve a consolidated summary showing account balances, historical transactions, and account holder identity information.
    2. Allow you to retrieve a consolidated summary of account balances and transactions.
    3. Check the total assets carry forwarded from a different timeline in a single snapshot.


Access liabilities data for student loans and credit cards

Comprehensive data:

    1. Review details for each account type including balances, terms, payment timing, and more.

    2. Enables you to retrieve liability data from different types of accounts including student loans and credit cards.

    3. Credit cards: Access the credit cards includes all the information related.

Continuous feed:

    1. Access the latest liabilities data when you need it—check whether balances or installment terms have changed.

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